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Forward Bends

 Julie / Upavistha Konasana                         Stan / Upavistha Konasana
[Wide Angle Pose]                                     [Wide Angle Pose]   




Stan / Paschimottanasana                      Paula / Hanumanasana                       Paula / Paschimottanasana
This pose is dedicated to Hanuman,
the powerful monkey deity in the Hindu tradition.
He is fabled to leap from continent to continent. 
The story goes that he was enlisted by Rama
 to search for the abducted Sita, his wife.



StanP.jpg (50220 bytes)       


Shariff / Baddha Padmasana                               Stan / Ubhaya Padangustasana
        [Bound Lotus Pose]                                            [Big Toe Stretch Balance]